It’s not always possible for a couple to conceive a baby naturally with the first attempt.

Given that about 1 in 5 cycles are fertile, it is most likely that the woman will conceive with the third, fourth or even fifth attempt. Normally a couple’s average fertility is up to 20% per cycle.

Therefore, do not worry about your fertility after two or more “failed” attempts. According to the World Health Organization, a couple is considered infertile, when fails to conceive after one year of systematic (1-2 times a week) and unprotected contacts (without contraception or without using a condom). A woman over 35 years old is considered infertile after six months of attempts. It is proven that 80-85% of couples, have conceived a baby in the first two years of attempts. If a couple is trying for more than a year, then the cause of infertility must be investigated. It is a fact that 1/3 of woman, 1/3 of man and 1/3 of both of the couple are facing infertility.



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