Breastfeeding is a foundational “right” for every newborn and every mother. It is the continuation of the natural relationship that has developed between the mother and the newborn. Breastfeeding furthers and strengthens the psychic bond between the mother, the baby and their common life. Immediately after labor and expulsion of the placenta, two hormones -prolactin and oxytocin- are released into the woman’s body.

Prolactin. The hormone of maternity! The production of breast milk is controlled by the prolactin hormone. Immediately after the birth and the expulsion of the placenta, prolactine’s production is released into the mother’s body. Each time you nurse, a wave of this hormone is released into your body, which in turn “orders” the breast to produce enough milk for the next breastfeeding. So, the more you breastfeed, the more milk is produced in the chest, and the quantity and quality of milk is adjusted to your baby’s needs each time.

Oxytocin. The hormone of love! Another valuable help in breastfeeding is oxytocin. This hormone helps to release milk from the chest. The function of this hormone, which is rightly called the hormone of love, is truly admirable. Oxytocin also stimulates contraction of the uterus in childbirth and is important in breastfeeding.



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