Annual gynecological testing has multiple benefits for the early diagnosis of an underlying disease and may not only concern the woman’s genital system. The annual check is not just a PAP test, or a gynecological ultrasound.

The annual check includes the clinical examination, the contact with the gynecologist and discussion regarding the real issues about the woman’s health.

Depending on age, there are a lot of health benefits to visiting your doctor at least once a year. For example, for a teenage girl or a young woman who are not sexually active, it is suggested to make a first identification visit to develop topics for the particularities of the adolescent’s menstrual period and the ideal care of the area. Particular emphasis must be given on issues of prevention of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer, through vaccination, information and medical check.

Woman of reproductive age have different issues: a problem in the PAP test, gynecological complaints, issues of conception, pregnancy. A woman should have a personal contact with her gynecologist in order to express all the issues that concern her. A PAP testing is required for sexually active women or women at the age of 21. To prevent cervical cancer, there is also the HPV virus detection test that can be done either alone or in combination with the PAP test. The frequency of a PAP test and HPV test, depends on the woman’s age and medical history.

Ultrasound is a useful tool to help doctors diagnose the pathology of the uterus and the ovary. Ovarian proficiency-fertility is assessed, so preventative measures such as egg freezing can be taken in time. Mammography necessarily complements the clinical control of a woman from the age of 35 and above, unless there are reasons that should be done earlier.

Every woman who goes through menopause should be informed of what to expect in this transition phase and how to treat it (flukes, sweats, insomnia). At this age there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and thyroid disorders due to decreased estrogen production.



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